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Harcus Parker is a leading litigation firm which specialises in bringing and defending complex claims, often involving large groups of claimants. Our present campaigns include:

Tesco Equal Pay

Despite 40 years of equal pay legislation, there is still an ingrained belief that so-called women’s work is worth less than men’s. We act for several thousand supermarket staff in their claim against Tesco for equal pay.

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Woodford Litigation

We act for investors in their claim against Link Fund Solutions for their failure to manage the Woodford Equity Income Fund prudently. If you hold or have held shares in the LF Equity Income Fund (formerly the LF Woodford Equity Income Fund) either directly, through an intermediary or in your SIPP, you may be entitled to claim for compensation.

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Mortgage Prisoner Litigation

We act for thousands of homeowners who have mortgages with lenders which do not offer competitive mortgage products and who have been trapped paying high rates of interest on their mortgages. If we are successful, borrowers would be entitled to compensation for the excessive amount of interest they have paid.

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We are acting for current and former Whistletree customers who have been charged high rates of interest, in breach of the terms and conditions of their mortgage agreements.

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Student Group Claim

We act for thousands of students and former students in compensation claims against British universities. Their claim relates to the fact that they were charged full fees for online or cancelled tuition during the pandemic and staff strikes.

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Commercial Card Claim

We are launching a class action lawsuit against Mastercard and Visa on behalf of businesses accepting payments using UK corporate cards, and credit and debit cards from overseas visitors. We say that transaction fees set by Mastercard and Visa are unlawful and that businesses should be compensated.

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Home REIT Claim

We are pursuing claims on behalf of investors who have suffered losses on shares they have held or continue to hold in Home REIT.

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Closet Trackers Litigation

We are investigating claims on behalf of investors who have been overcharged for investing in alleged “closet tracker” funds.

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The main contacts within the energy broking group litigation team are:

Damon Parker Senior Partner
Matthew Patching Senior Associate
Daniel Kerrigan Senior Associate
Olivia Selley Associate
Jennifer Cassidy Director of Legal Operations

Our charities

Harcus Parker supports the charities identified below all of whose objects are adversely affected by the cost of living crisis. We will donate a proportion of our fee to these charities. This will not affect the amount that you receive because the donation will be met entirely from Harcus Parker’s proportion of the proceeds should the claims succeed.


A national charity supporting women (and their families) who have been diagnosed with cancer during or soon after pregnancy. Their work includes support networks, training for medics
& midwives, grants and more.


A small charity which places professionally run choirs into UK prisons. Not only does this provide a worthwhile and wholesome activity for inmates but the support network offered on their release where the real work makes a difference.


WAY is the only charity for people aged 50 and under when their partner died. It offers peer to peer support organised by volunteers who have experienced bereavement.


Providing support to sufferers and all affected by Dravet Syndrome. A perfect example of the definition of a “small” charity – “one that you wouldn’t know exists until you need it”.


A UK wide charity which has a model
to fund local theatrical groups by distributing tickets to people who would otherwise never get the opportunity to attend such performances.


An established charity providing multi channel support to people in the UK who have lost someone close to cancer or Covid.


UK wide charity which provides special days/holidays/trips to patients, families and carers affected by cancer. Interesting model when each £1 donated results in 3x value of treats offered.


A male bereavement support charity. Our aim is to support men following bereavement. Grief can cause severe emotional and physical health conditions which are often overlooked even ignored, especially in men. Our services are peer based delivered by people who have experienced similar loss.

Muscular Dystrophy UK
Support Through Court

Support Through Court aim to ensure that people can represent themselves with dignity and can navigate the complex court process to achieve the fairest possible hearing. To date, Support Through Court have supported tens of thousands of people through the court process.” Charity Text for Support the Court

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