Are hidden energy commissions costing your business?

Millions of businesses and organisations across the UK may be owed tens of thousands of pounds in compensation by energy companies. Our energy litigation campaign represents thousands of businesses who could be paid back hidden commissions.

If your business, charity, school, club or faith group has used an energy broker to negotiate its gas or electricity deals, and they were not fully transparent with you about the commission that they would be paid, you might be eligible to bring a claim.

Secret commissions have been paid on an industrial scale to unregulated brokers, resulting in customers’ energy bills being inflated. The failure of energy companies to tell their customers that they paid brokers these ‘bribes’ means that this money can now be claimed back by their customers. Join our energy litigation claim to see if you can win back these commissions.

The scandal in numbers


Millions of businesses and organisations affected


paid in commissions every year


Up to 10p per kw/h added to the price of energy

Why Claim?

Energy prices are at an all-time high. Businesses and third-sector organisations have never been under greater pressure.

If you are currently over-paying, or have been over-paying in the past, it is only right that you are compensated now.

“We’re all struggling with everything. Gas is our biggest bill – bigger than rent and rates put together. We can’t invest any profit because we’re having to plough it back into the company to pay the bills. It’s a really difficult time, but you can’t survive without energy.”

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